Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back in the States....

....and im still trying to get over my culture shock from coming back this time.

The US is a completely different place than how I left it. My family members have packed up and gone to school, my brother has graduated and moved to NY, my father has changed jobs, friends are in jobs/getting engaged or married/having babies. Its crazy! I thought life would be on the pause button while I was away! No one said to hit fast forward!!

Okay, not entirely true, but things are different. The economy is down the drain because of a rapid fire chain of events a year ago, my president is black, theres this new thing called Twitter..... I forgot how things move at such a high octane pace here in the States. Coming from Ghana where things move at a tro-tro-getting-stuck-in-traffic-along-Spintex-Road pace at times, its a little jarring....

I know Ive been away for a while, and I know that I will have to recap a lot of my Fulbright experiences complete with pictures as I reflect on them from the comfort of my quiet neighboorhood and air conditioned, carpeted house that has running water and no mosquitoes.

But hey, Something I will post on soon will concern my one brush with greatness....working with Obama's trip to Ghana. I was writing a blog for the State Department!! Check out the link here!

Nice opportunity, yea?

Oh yes, and guess what? I may have a piece on NPR coming out about some of the work I did with serial callers!! Stay tuned...


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