Monday, February 1, 2010

Straws of consciousness

Do you ever feel like
You are grasping at straws of a dream
For a chance to dip one in
And sip out of the cup
of the good life?

Even if I draw the short straw
I could still have a taste
I may draw the short straw
Hear you me
I would never take
any drop for granted.

Even if I made a house
A house of straw
Though they tell me
There may be a wolf
That house of straw is my work
Built by my hands alone
Something finally to call my own.

"This is the last straw!" I said!
I said I wouldn't take it any more
"Not from you, not from him, not from them!" I said.
But how easy is it to stop taking straws
to stop sipping from a cup
Which sustained you
At least at some point in time?

We all fear we are straw men
building straw houses
Blindly picking the short straws
Never knowing when the last straw
Will really be our last
Built up in the beginning
to be torn down in the end....