Monday, October 13, 2008


Its just one of those days again....days where things dont really go wrong, but dont really go right either. Things I wanted to accomplish I couldnt, and all I really did was pile on more obligations for tomorrow. Put on top of that the fact that Im aware somethings back home arent going correctly. A part of me is frustrated with the project and the way things are going with the radio research and such. My twi, while I know more than before, which was nothing...its still terrible. I try and try to balance my CDD work with the radio project, and its not quite right yet. Pair that with minor personal frustrations with people and its just no bueno. I sometimes want everything to be under control and things to be efficient and perfect, but Im going to have to realize its not going to happen the way I want it to all the time.

I need some ice cream. Or a shopping trip. Sometimes I wish I could just hop on a plane to go home for some McDonalds and Haagendazs and some good movies.....


Jennifer Hart said...

i'm familiar with locations for western comforts. i've had similar days... ;)

do you know about this place called the Living Room? it's in East Legon, near the university. it has pretty new hollywood movies, and you can watch them on big screen tvs on comfy chairs in air conditioned rooms. there is also a movie night at champs (behind Paloma) on sunday night. they show 2 fairly new hollywood movies on sunday evenings/nights. you pay 5 cedis to get in but you get to apply that to your food bill. ;)

if you want food rec's, let me know ;) hope things go better!

Wildfiyah said...

awww, baby boo, sorry! when i come we will have a smashing good time. btw, sephora is selling the philosophy bath set on want it?

Cam-a-lam said...

Aww Karen. *hugs*

BTW, my Fulbright file is complete!