Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry, its been a while...

Its been a while since I updated, partly my fault, for Ive been super busy. But also BLOGGER"S FAULT, since it deleted my post >:(. But a lot has happened in the past week, being my first week at the CDD!!

I love it so far. I really like the people, and Ive really come to realize that I've been blessed with this opportuinity to work with the media Monitoring project. In a nutshell I get to travel with the Media team to different parts of the country to train the journalists on covering more political issues more effectively with the upcoming elections. Last week, I was in Accra. Yesterday evening, I traveled to Ho in the Volta region to observe the presentation the CDD gave to the journalists this morning. It was quite nice, having an all expenses paid trip (hotel/food) to go and do research, in a sense. I took notes on the proceedings, and I will spend tomorrow, a holiday (Eid al-Fitr, I think?) typing the notes. This Friday, I will make a looooong trip all the way to Tamale to do a workshop for the media there. Ive never been to the North before. I hear that the North is a completely different world than Im used to here in Southern Ghana. Its about to bne a real eye opener.

Outside of work, things have been good. I hang out with the other Fulbrighters, going for dinner, concerts with the Embassy and the diplomatic contingent, plays, shows, and the like. Ive found a gym, so I can keep in shape, which is nice. I'm slowly getting used to waking up hella early like everyone does here.

So far, no marriage proposals coming my way, haha.

Otherwise, I have been keeping a close eye on whats going on in America. All these banks are falling like a house of cards! I often find myself fielding questions about what is going on with the banking crisis, especially with the people I work with in the media. "How did this happen?", "How will this affect Americans?", "Is this because of greed?" Questions like that. I also field a lot of questions about the elections. Of course, if Ghana could vote in the US elections, its easy to think who would carry here. I field a lot of questions/comments like, "Why do Americans like ignorant people (referring to Palin)?", "Are there still racists who wont vote for Obama?", "Obama will be much better for America, he is an inspiration, a sign that Americans arent stuck in their ways!" I know that if Obama doesnt win, or if the vote is really close, I will have to answer a lot of difficult questions. But I do the best I can.

This Fulbright thing is shaping up to be more fun than I expected! I'm really picking up some of the language, getting used to the food, learning my way around, and making a lot of new friends. Now that I'm figuring out my schedule, Ill send more updates.

Hope all is well with you guys!


PS Omg, pictures this week, I PROMISE!!!


Cam-a-lam said...

Yay! I'm glad you updated, I was just thinking about you.

Today was the day that I hit "send" on Embark. So we'll see what that brings me.

ps- Update with pics!

The Evangelist said...

Hey there! {waves}

I am happy that I found your blog!
(I hope I didn't duplicate this message but my computer screen just froze!)

There are not many blogs written by people of color from America who are overseas!

I am in the final stages of my trip planning so that I can come to Accra! I plan to live there for a year and start a nonprofit organization that will serve as a nucleus for black churches in the U.S. that are interested in investing in missions in Ghana. I hope to train congregations who are coming to Ghana and to encourage more black church financial investment in missions that are assisting our people in the motherland!!

I look forward to reaching out to you in email.

Right now, I am in the process of looking for a host family in Accra, Ghana who would like a woman minister in their household for one to three months before I strike out on my own. I think that staying with a host family will make the transition easier and will also allow me to share with the family!


(yes, a black preaching woman who is nicknamed "Paul"!! *smiles*)